My name is Ben Faltinowski. I am an Aerospace Electrical Engineer who was laid off for the second time in 10 months due to industry instability . . . HOWEVER, I'm now working on doing more than one business related to my field to be more financially stable and most importantly, HELP OTHERS WHO ARE GOING THROUGH THIS TO FIND WORK. Ask Me Anything!

Ben Faltinowski
May 24, 2017

I am an Aerospace Electrical Engineer who was laid off for the second time in 10 months due to industry instability . . . but I'm now working on doing more than one business related to my field to be more financially stable. BUT I'M ALSO WORKING TO HELP OTHERS THAT HAVE GONE THROUGH THIS FIND BETTER WORK! Ask Me Anything!

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How can I find work Ben?  I am looking to learn something significant online that would enable me to work from home and also be able to maintain multiple jobs online? can you help me

May 31, 12:45AM EDT1

Not sure if you would still answer questions for this AMA. Do you think not laying off workers but redeploying and recapacitating would work better?

May 25, 11:39PM EDT2

They should be redeployed.  There's too much short sighted getting rid of folks, like they're obsolete hardware. A lot of the rationale is "well, all the other companies do this".  Why is that? Don't you have an obligation to come up higher and start thinking more about people and their sense of security?

May 31, 9:37AM EDT1

Are there some companies that are less likely to lay workers off?

May 24, 7:00PM EDT20

I'm not sure, but looking at, its becoming obvious that it's not many now.  I'm not saying you can't still work for those companies because many have great opportinities still.  But make sure you have several smaller simultaneous and complimentary paid projects / gigs with developing residual income.  

May 24, 7:08PM EDT1

Were both places you worked when being laid off very similar? Love the subject

May 24, 6:16AM EDT2

 The first one was with United Launch Alliance,  working on Rockets.  The second place was Sierra Nevada,  where I was working on aircraft avionics.   Both had issues due to funding and restructuring.   But I have decided here and now that I am not done working on rockets.

May 24, 12:10PM EDT1

Are you in multiple businesses to limit risk and diversify?

May 24, 3:15AM EDT1

 Basically to increase my knowledge, and to add more stability overall.   There still is married to corporate engineering jobs. However, the landscape and the retention policies have greatly changed even over the past five years. To keep yourself safe, and keep yourself working, you have to have more than just that option

May 24, 12:11PM EDT1

Do you think the field will stabilize at any point in the future? ty

May 24, 1:53AM EDT1

 Well, I hope to be a voice to help solve that issue for engineering companies going forward.  Not just for myself, but for many other engineers that are finding that the "grandpa retiring with the gold watch" culture being gone

May 24, 12:12PM EDT1

Have you made millions already?:)

May 23, 10:03PM EDT1

 No. Making millions would be great, but the idea is to do something comparable if not better than what you have been doing but have diversified and residual income streams. 

May 24, 12:13PM EDT5
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Do you have an online journal or maybe THIS is somehow your online journal?

May 23, 9:20PM EDT1

 This and a blog I would like to start soon.  One of my current businesses Is at,where I am helping people like myself write a Ideal Resumes, write Ideal LinkedIn  no files, and setting / pursuing a Niche Career   That they are very good at, is lucrative, and by being passionate and wanting to do it will make a great difference in this world

May 24, 12:15PM EDT25

Have you thought of becoming a money guru?

May 23, 8:08PM EDT1

 I think there are more people qualified to be money is. Me, I'm just one that is trying to apply the advice about diversifying engineering revenue streams for the sake of myself and other engineers, tech workers, and scientists out there find increased instability in their solepositions 

May 24, 12:16PM EDT29
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What do you think happiness is? I ask because financials is part of that, I believe. TIA.

May 23, 7:10PM EDT1

 That goes beyond just money invocation. My suggestion is study all the major philosophies and religions. Look at their claims, look at their merits, look at their provability, and ultimately you will find what truth is.

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May 24, 12:17PM EDT1

What are the new businesses you have gotten into?

May 23, 5:44PM EDT1

 I have applied for more corporate work, engineering consultation for a friends company, my resume and LinkedIn company at,

May 24, 12:18PM EDT33

What would you recommend for someone looking to change jobs in your field?

May 23, 5:29PM EDT1

 Evaluate not their engineering skills or abilities, but really think about are you passionate about the industry you're in. For me, automotive was good but I was not passionate about it like I I am Aerospace. Evaluate what you are passionate about within your engineering field, and go foram 

Last edited @ May 24, 12:21PM EDT.
May 24, 12:20PM EDT1

What sub-fields are more stable in your opinion?

May 23, 5:11PM EDT0

 I've talk to folks, and I'm quickly finding that NONE are anymore.  International competition, as well as  companies deciding to follow suit with "all the other companies" with shorter retention rates.

May 24, 12:22PM EDT1

It sounds like entrepreneurship is a better place for you, but isn't for all?

May 23, 4:56PM EDT1

If you got laid off, couldn't you got another job elsewhere? Tech is everywhere now. Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, SpaceX?

May 23, 4:48PM EDT2

Yes I could. However for aerospace specifically, you literally have to move every three or four years. I do not want to move from where I live. I do not want my industry, or my niche career to dictate me having to pack up and move, not have a study group of friends, be hard on my family, etc. That has happened to much over the past 10 years and that's one of the reasons why I want to diversify my revenue streams. Then I will not have to move. Also, if there are things that you can do remotely, and not have to necessarily do and just one office, do you have the opportunity to be able to travel around a lot more. Given that rockets were built for exclamation, that has fed the travel nerve within me and would like to do more of that.

Last edited @ May 24, 12:26PM EDT.
May 24, 12:24PM EDT19

Can you tell me how to make money?

May 23, 3:46PM EDT1

 Working. And when I say work hard, put more emphasis on working smart instead of working more and more hours.

May 24, 12:27PM EDT22
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What are you current alternative income streams and ideas for new income streams?

May 23, 2:53PM EDT1

 Visit my website at Rocky   I have a resume company that helps people produce their ideal resume, their ideal LinkedIn profile, and gives them guidance on how to pursue their niche career with these. I have more details there. I've been helping clients and I've been helping people get their first interviews in months or longer!  That's a very gratifying feeling  :

May 24, 12:28PM EDT27

Are you still continuing professional education now that you are working elsewhere?

May 23, 3:50AM EDT1

Every chance I can get.  For example, I took refresher calculus 7 years ago.

May 24, 2:29AM EDT41

Are there any skills that someone should learn if they want to remain indispensible?

May 21, 8:54PM EDT1

Everything you can.  Never stop learning.  However, in the corporate setting I've seen this construed as "you're overqualified now to do this job" among other eye raising quotes.  Best thing to do is have several other jobs with different income streams complimentary of your career choice to help keep your income stable.  

May 22, 1:19AM EDT0

How can you identify whether a company will have high turnover?

May 20, 3:42PM EDT1

Either management starts to talk about money issues, their communications have alot of uncertainty, and your co-workers and management become unpleasant, curt, and rude.  When you see these things, it's time to start looking elsewhere.  Do your very best for as long as you can at the current company, but have your exit strategy ready and start moving on it ASAP.

May 21, 10:05PM EDT36