I'm Jane and last month my boss told me that close the company. From January I will be jobless. I'm so depressed and I don't know what I do. I need some advice.  AMA!

Nov 9, 2017

I'm a Marketing Specialist and 2 years ago I also was jobless. I don't want to talk with my friends, actually I don't want to talk with anybody. The main problem is I live in a small country in Europe and here there is no opportunity for any career, the salaries are so low and I wonder to immigrate from my homeland. But it's so hard decision! Here are my friends, family...

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Hi Jane -- Are you interested in writing content for websites and blogs? If so, shoot me a msg. My partner runs a content creation business and is always looking for new writers.

In any case, keep your head up. Positivity and optimism will take you places.

Dec 7, 8:50AM EST2 Reply

Thanks Ryan! We're keeping in touch :) 

Dec 12, 10:13AM EST0 Reply

Have you thought of venturing into business?

Dec 3, 1:38AM EST0 Reply

Yes, I have my own blog - www.marketingforpros.com and I'll try to turn into my sucessful business :)

Dec 12, 10:25AM EST0 Reply

When I lost my job, it was actually a blessing in disgise.

What do YOU want to do with YOUR life?

Nov 28, 5:45PM EST0 Reply

I'm trying to find Freelance jobs :) and maybe next year to move in Vienna

Dec 12, 10:26AM EST0 Reply

Have you tried freelance sites like upwork.

Nov 28, 1:27PM EST0 Reply

Yes, but unfortunately I don't have sucess.

Dec 12, 10:26AM EST0 Reply

Are you on LinkedIn? 

That is a great place to showcase your expertise. 

Nov 10, 3:25PM EST0 Reply

Yes, I have, but nobody writes me about work

Dec 12, 10:28AM EST0 Reply

have you tried applying jobs in other countries that your skills are wanted

Nov 10, 4:33AM EST0 Reply

I'm from Bulgaria and for now I'm thinking only for European countries. 

Dec 12, 10:28AM EST0 Reply

There are a lot of opportunities online, have you tried one?  

Nov 9, 8:06PM EST0 Reply

Yes, trying to find freelance job :) 

Dec 12, 10:28AM EST0 Reply

Would you consider another career if possible ? 

Nov 9, 10:46AM EST0 Reply

No, I want to be a Marketing Specialist :)

Dec 12, 10:29AM EST0 Reply

Have you talked to a specialist about the way you feel?

Nov 9, 9:05AM EST0 Reply

No!  Unfortunatelly, I don't have enough money for a specialist :(

Nov 9, 9:11AM EST0 Reply

Just wait !! Time will tell everything.

Nov 9, 3:43AM EST0 Reply

I hope

Nov 9, 9:11AM EST0 Reply

Did you go to school for Marketing?

Nov 8, 11:05AM EST0 Reply

Yes, I finished University, speciality Business Economics

Nov 9, 9:12AM EST0 Reply

Did you go to school for Marketing?

Nov 8, 11:04AM EST0 Reply

Where would you consider moving to?

Nov 8, 7:23AM EST0 Reply

Austria, because I have 2 friends there. 

Nov 9, 9:12AM EST0 Reply

How many people lost their job with you?

Nov 8, 3:26AM EST0 Reply

only me. My colleague found a new job very fast. 

Nov 9, 9:18AM EST0 Reply

Where are you from?

Nov 8, 3:19AM EST0 Reply

Do you think your emotions are blocking you from finding another job?

Nov 7, 8:25PM EST0 Reply

Yes, but I'm feel really depressed and I can't be motivated. 

Nov 9, 9:19AM EST0 Reply

How many languages do you speak?

Nov 7, 3:35PM EST0 Reply

english and german

Nov 9, 9:19AM EST0 Reply

Why did the company close?

Nov 7, 3:24PM EST0 Reply

The branche was very hard, at least in my country. HR activities are very difficult. 

Nov 9, 9:20AM EST0 Reply

Do you have any friends that can help you get a job?

Nov 7, 3:10PM EST0 Reply


Nov 9, 9:20AM EST0 Reply

What other experience do you have?

Nov 7, 3:06PM EST0 Reply

Have you ever considered working from home?

Nov 7, 12:58PM EST0 Reply

How many jobs have you applied for so far?

Nov 7, 11:34AM EST0 Reply

Is there any special kind of industry or production in your country?

Nov 7, 8:37AM EST0 Reply

Have you ever tried freelancing?

Nov 7, 5:46AM EST0 Reply

I'm trying, but nobody pick me

Nov 9, 9:21AM EST0 Reply

What exactly did you do as a Marketing Specialist?

Nov 7, 5:24AM EST0 Reply

conduct market research to find answers about consumer requirements, habits and trends;- manage sales – including searching, contacting customers, organizing meetings, negotiating contract conditions, as well as following up;- build a network of existing and potential clients using proven sales techniques;- brainstorm and develop ideas for creative marketing campaigns;- assist in outbound and inbound marketing activities by demonstrating expertise in various areas (content development and optimization, advertising, events planning etc.)

Nov 9, 9:21AM EST0 Reply

What time zone are you in?

Nov 7, 12:38AM EST0 Reply


Nov 7, 4:07AM EST0 Reply

Have you ever tried talking to a local company about your job expertise?

Nov 6, 8:45PM EST0 Reply

Hello Jane, sorry to hear about your troubles. Have you thought of working online? There are many platforms that offer jobs online that are very well paid and all you need is a computer with internet connection. Marketing especially is a very widely popular profession.

Nov 6, 9:18AM EST0 Reply

I'm trying to get some jobs as a Freelance Marketer in UpWork, but it's unsuccessfully for now. Maybe I should try in other platforms. I have idea for ebook, which I sell in Amazon. 

Nov 7, 4:37AM EST0 Reply
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