“We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge." 

John Naisbitt

Everyone has a story to tell. Whether you are an expert in a given field, an entrepreneur, an artist, a student, a stay-at-home mom or you’re not quite sure yet, there is someone, somewhere who wants to hear your story. And to whom that story will matter. This is only part of the inspiration behind AMAfeed. But it’s the first one we would like to share with you.

Who We Are 

From all walks of life and nearly every continent on the planet, we came together to build a community of passionate knowledge seekers. We are Tatiana, Jeff, Alex, Ilya, Moana, Maria, Kristina, Sergey, and a dozen other team members. With a shared mission and a passion for questions, we're driven to build tools that empower our community to openly share their thoughts and experiences through AMA, the greatest interview format on earth.

What Drives Us

Imagine a place where people can connect & exchange ideas in an interactive and lively manner. Positivity & curiosity is in the air, your friends here are down to earth, humble, sharing and learning from one another. A unique place that bridges the gap between social status, geographical location, age, race, you name it. A place you come to learn, share, and grow, to ask.. anything.

Welcome Home

Everyone is welcome providing they can bring value and be respectful of one another. The person creating an AMA is called a Host. The Host has an interesting story to share and inspire, provoke, teach and learn as well in the process. The Host is You.

An Ask Me Anything (AMA) Event is a unique way to create and to engage a community. As a Host it is up to you how you utilize the platform. You can:

  • Share your story to inspire and engage others
    Whatever your story is – there is always someone who can benefit from it and learn from your ups and downs. And you – you get a great feedback and insight into what sparks people’s interest and get to connect with like minded folks from around the globe. What are you waiting for?
  • Promote a new service or product
    You have a new product? It’s not there yet but you want to create some buzz? Or you’re holding it in your hands and want to let the whole world know how great it is and how you got there? Maybe you just wrote a book, or launched a website, added a new service, whatever it is – be it new and exciting or timeless – come share it with us!
  •  Reward your existing followers or clients with free advice on a topic your knowledgeable in
    You have thousands of loyal followers online, on social media or sitting in your database,  clients, readers, the people, who make you who you are and what you are doing - worth it. What better way to thank them than give them a chance to ask you anything and share some free advice and guidance with them?
  • Test a new concept by allowing people to pick it to pieces with their questions
    Have a great idea but you’re not sold on it? Host an AMA and see what people say! Two heads think better than one and hundreds surely even more so! By questioning things you can arrive to a much better solution quicker. Ask your existing followers and clients, ask our audience - we give you a great tool so use it to your advantage.
  •  Connect with fellow professionals
    Over 3000 experts in different fields from all over the world have shared their stories with us up to date. And this is just the beginning. You don’t get to talk to people like that every day (and for free!). Come ask, share, connect, learn and do better.
  • Crowdfunding and Charity campaigns
    We have hundreds of crowdfunding and charity campaigns who have already benefited from hosting an AMA. When you are trying to raise funds for a cause or a new idea you need all the exposure you can get and you really need to create a personal connection with people. An AMA Session does just that. Post yours today!

Still have some questions? Check our FAQ. Ready to start your first AMA? Go ahead!