Hi! I am graphic designer and virtual assistant based work.I have created some product designs for t-shirts and Remove Background your pic.Ask Me Anything!

Oct 11, 2017

My experience focuses on marketing and product design. I have been serving clients located all over the world through my expertise in admin support, social media, and email marketing, as well as in Wordpress, Shopify, Dropified App, fiverr, up work , Amazon, Spreadshirt, and other business-related platforms.

I would be more than glad to offer you my services, so feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to a long-term relationship with my clients. I believe that together, we can surely make a difference!

You can reach me through my social media links below.



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What would be the best software to design a t-shirt ?

Oct 12, 10:17AM EDT0

Really enjoyed your AMA, such great work you do! I thought you might like to check out this StartupAMA hosted by another Graphic Designer - Enjoy! 

Oct 11, 8:29PM EDT0

how long have u been on this field

Oct 11, 11:37AM EDT0

how long have u been on this field

Oct 11, 11:33AM EDT0

Do you need to be very disciplined when you work at home?

Oct 11, 11:18AM EDT0

Are you planning on doing an APP version for your designs and clients? 

Oct 10, 9:38PM EDT0

What was the most interesting job you ever did and why?

Oct 10, 10:47AM EDT0

Have you pitched your product to anyone or do you think it's better not to and why?

Oct 10, 4:51AM EDT0

Can you name a few characteristics that makes a design successful?

Oct 10, 3:28AM EDT0

Where did you study and are you self employed or do you work for someone?

Oct 9, 11:29PM EDT0

Do you design your own ideas or do you get ideas from clients that they want to have designed?

Oct 9, 9:56PM EDT0

What inspires you to come up with new designs?

Oct 9, 7:54PM EDT0

Who are your 'typical' clients?

Oct 9, 7:39PM EDT0

What type of designs or which designers do you admire most?

Oct 9, 6:33PM EDT0

How many hours do you work per day on average?

Oct 9, 5:45PM EDT0

I have registered as a Virtual Assistant and have all the skills but because I am new and have no recommendations I don't get any work. How can I change this around and what can I do to get a job?

Oct 9, 5:29PM EDT0

Love your ideas and you're a good artist. Where did you learn to draw?

Oct 9, 5:05PM EDT0

Are you working full time as a graphic designer?

Oct 9, 5:05PM EDT0

Are your assignments usually long term or by project?

Oct 9, 3:52PM EDT0

What are your favorite types of designs to create?

Oct 9, 12:58PM EDT0

Do you participate in design contests held on 99designs?

Oct 9, 12:31PM EDT0
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