Hello I am working as Data Entry Specialist in a multi-national company. Ask me anything

Mazz Riden
Aug 12, 2017

Hello I am Riden. I have completed my study from Kolkata University. Now I am working in a Multi-national company as a Data Entry Specialist. I have 3 years of experience in this sector! Apps I can use:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Word Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Google Doc
  • Google Sheet

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What kind of files can we view and edit in Google Docs?

Aug 11, 11:09PM EDT0

You can view and edit PDF & XLS ( word and excl ) files in google Docs. It  is a free Web-based application in which documents and spreadsheets can be created, edited and stored online.

Aug 12, 10:20AM EDT0

Oh perfect!  Thanks for the advice!

Aug 12, 12:33PM EDT0

What are the biggest advantages of Word over other word processors?

Aug 11, 7:53PM EDT0

One of the biggest advantages of using Microsoft Word is that it is available practically everywhere. Word comes standard on many PCs. You can typically find it on your work computer, computers at school and your home PC. 

Another benefit of using Microsoft Word is that it easily integrates with other Microsoft Office programs. For example, if you have a spreadsheet that you created on Microsoft Excel, you can easily paste it into a Word document. You can work with programs such as PowerPoint as well. This makes it possible to complete a wide array of computing tasks without having to spend time converting documents or files so that they are usable on other programs.

Aug 12, 10:37AM EDT0

Do you think that this will last now that Word isn't coming as standard on many of the devices that used to have it included?  I've noticed recently that you are often expected to pay outright for the Microsoft Office now on top of your laptop purchase after a free trial of some sort..  

Aug 12, 11:39AM EDT0

Do you have a blog?

Aug 11, 7:08PM EDT0

I am thinking about to create a blog. I will let you know!Thank you

Aug 12, 10:44AM EDT1

Great!  Look forward to it! 

Aug 12, 12:28PM EDT0

How has the way you thought about business changed since you graduated?

Aug 11, 5:40PM EDT0

What exactly is MS Powerpoint and what can I do with it?

Aug 11, 2:46PM EDT0

Microsoft PowerPoint is a currently developed by Microsoft, for use on both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems.

PowerPoint is a visual and graphical application, primarily used for creating presentations. With PowerPointyou can create, view, and present slide shows that combine text, shapes, pictures, graphs, animation, charts, videos, and much more.

Aug 12, 10:30AM EDT0

Could be useful for my son to use for school perhaps?!

Aug 12, 12:09PM EDT0

What makes a good Power Point presentation?

Aug 11, 1:54PM EDT0
  1. Keep it Simple. PowerPoint uses slides with a horizontal or “Landscape” orientation. ...
  2. Limit bullet points & text. ...
  3. Limit transitions & builds (animation) ...
  4. Use high-quality graphics. ...
  5. Have a visual theme, but avoid using PowerPoint templates. ...
  6. Use appropriate charts. ...
  7. Use color well. ...
  8. Choose your fonts well.
Aug 12, 10:48AM EDT0

Thanks!  Will keep this in mind - am using it to create a work presentation this week.  

Aug 12, 2:00PM EDT0

Who can become a freelancer?

Aug 11, 11:40AM EDT0

“This is the most important shift you need to make to launch and be a successful freelancer. If you don't believe that you can do it, then you won't. Plain and simple. Harsh yet true.”  – Michelle Ward,

So, its easily said that who is passionate to do this, will be a freelancer.

Aug 12, 11:02AM EDT1

Loving the quote - I totally agree!  This is basically life in a nutshell right?  

Aug 12, 11:18AM EDT0

What's your favourite data entry software and why?

Aug 11, 11:29AM EDT0

My favourite data entry software is Microsoft Excel, Because of its rich feature. Some of benefits of Microsoft Excel:

1) Build great charts

2) Use conditional formatting

3) Help identify trends

4) Bring data together

5) Online access

Aug 12, 10:59AM EDT0

Do you have a link for any simple online tutorials for Excel - I love the features, but always put off getting back involved with using it after years of not touching it so much!  

Aug 12, 1:31PM EDT0

How do you make sure you get enough time off?

Aug 11, 9:26AM EDT0

Do you have the option to work from home in this line of work?

Aug 11, 9:23AM EDT0

I usually work in my office though I have the option to work from home in this line of work. Thanks for asking

Aug 12, 11:08AM EDT1

What makes you a Data Entry Specialist? Are there exams?

Aug 11, 7:38AM EDT0

 Data Entry Skills, Experience, Employment for Advancement. There are several exams on office applications.

Aug 12, 11:15AM EDT0

I had no idea!  Wow!  

Aug 12, 12:02PM EDT0

How can you communicate effectively with your colleagues or teams in other time zones?

Aug 11, 6:35AM EDT0

I don't need to do this, because I work on my office and my only duty is to create XLS from various PDF.

Aug 12, 11:18AM EDT0

What is the best way to keep projects on track - do you have a system which works?

Aug 11, 6:04AM EDT0

5 things that keep the project on track:

1. Set aside regular periods of time to check in and work on your project.

2. Keep an open mind, but also have opinions!

3. Communicate with your project manager.

4. Keep the group involved small.

5. Find out obstacles in advance, and prepare to tackle them ahead of time.

Aug 12, 11:26AM EDT0

What's your favourite data processing program to use in regards to your work?

Aug 11, 4:30AM EDT0

My favourite data processing program is Microsoft Excel. Thanks for asking

Aug 12, 11:32AM EDT0

How do you annotate on Powerpoint?

Aug 11, 3:36AM EDT0
  1. Start Powerpoint slide show
  2. Rt. click with the mouse.
  3. Choose "Pointer Options".
  4. Choose either "Pen" or "Highlighter".
  5. Use a mouse, track pad, or other pointing device to annotate slide.
  6. ITE102 (LH8), ITE104 (LH7), PUP105, and SHER104(ACIV003 or LH4) users may use a stylus to annotate.
  7. Proceed to the next slide as usual.
  8. When you are finished, you will be prompted to save or discard your annotations.
  9. Annotations may be deleted after saving to the presentation, but must be done slide by slide.
Aug 12, 11:34AM EDT0

Why does a Presentations 8 document converted to a PowerPoint slide show change the backgrounds?

Aug 11, 3:26AM EDT0

How do you work long hours and avoid burnout?

Aug 11, 3:17AM EDT0

I use to do this regularly. Thank you for asking

Aug 12, 11:42AM EDT0

Do you think freelancing is the future?

Aug 11, 2:39AM EDT0

Yes. Thanks for asking

Aug 12, 11:36AM EDT0

Have you ever been bored in your work?

Aug 11, 2:01AM EDT0

Ha ha ha... NO, I love my work.

Aug 12, 11:38AM EDT0

Do you get paid well in your position?

Aug 11, 1:46AM EDT0

Yes. Of caurse. Thanks for asking.

Aug 12, 11:39AM EDT0
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